Exploring The Energy Behind Symptoms


I painted this when I was young, maybe close to 10-12 years old. It happened sparatically after my grandmother lead me through the sensations I was experiencing. She practiced and used to receive Reiki. As an adult, I would describe it as a Shamanic experience or vision quest.

I had a high fever from the flu. This painting is a rendering of how the energy felt in my body at the time. This painting is special to me, as it marks my first experience being aware of the subtle energies related to sickness that can be felt as "densities" in the energy system.

This has led me to ask more questions about the universe, humanity and sickness as I grew up. I eventually learned that this was a form of remote viewing. The data is contextual and hyperdimensional. We gain access to this subtle flirting with our conciousness when we clear our minds of the constriction held there.

It was a defining moment for me, as my grandmother encouraged me to explore the fear there instead of resigning from it. This has formed the basis for my awareness practice. It also brought me to a new understanding of disease and trauma.

When I look at this painting today, it clearly resembles an aomeba-like form. The colors were intended to be a muddy, redish brown to resemble the congestion and heat I was experiencing.

There was another energetic "form" I was experiencing, that I am well aware of even today if I get sick. It felt like a heavy weight that consumed my whole body. Even at that age, I compared it to a massive mound of clay that was dumped on top of me, weighing me down. Pushing against this clay resulted in resistance - the resistance to my healing.

As my grandmother was leading me through this Shamanic passage into higher awareness, I began exploring that dense pressure instead of fighting it.

This experience may have helps the sickness clear up. That part I do not remember. However, the event struck a realization in me that had to be documented. Even as this watercolor painting was in process, I was feeling those sense energies in my body, even after I was well. The process enlivened me.

What do you see in the painting? Do you ever just stop and feel?

Joey Esposito - Bioenergist

The Dreamer

I get on with lifeas a dreamer In thoughtful ways

Travelling in time as I move through space

The stars hold a mystery An elusive dichotomy

Transcending me to Celestial reality

Endless possibilities in the stillness I see

Where anything was has yet to be

Coming as I go Arriving is to flee

Infinitely flowing is the essence of my being

Joey Esposito - The Bioenergist

4/16/10 - rev. 3/17/13

Energetic Coherency

Firstly we must understand that all life is energy - a movement from subtle to gross. Spiritual energy, or pure light, emanates from Source and slows its vibration (pulsation) to the point where it reaches a maximum or terminal velocity. Also known as surface tension, it is at this point where the density of physical matter crystallizes, forming the expression of your physical presence. Your physical expression also defines the boundary between you and the environment. What’s inside your skin belongs to you, what is outside does not belong to you. At least this is how we have defined ourselves in our current state of conscious evolution - we believe that we are separate from the environment.

But most spiritual teachings attempt to show us us that everything and everyone is connected to the same source energy - our purpose is to acclimate with the environment and become one with all there is. We do this by identifying with our feelings and making choices based on those feelings. This is where the function of the Chakras comes into play.

The Chakras aren’t a real, physical thing. They are a symbolical representation of the endocrine glands. These glands are responsible for secreting the hormones that send messages out to other cells with instructions on how to perform. They create certain bodily sensations as a reaction to stimuli received from the environment. Your reaction to those sensations is what defines your behaviour.

Each Chakra represents a point where subtle energy shifts to a denser state as it moves from the top down. The lower Chakras represent a slower wavelength in the spectrum of light that we can see compared to the higher Chakras. The Crown Chakra, located above the head, represents unity with God or cosmic awareness. This is pure white light and sometimes represented as ultraviolet. This is the fastest pulsation - the speed of light! The Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, is the slowest vibration and the color is red . Within the electromagnetic spectrum red has a slower wavelength then pure white or ultraviolet light.

Your Aura, or Biofield, is the total make up of your expression which is a spectrum of radiating light from the Chakras! The totality of your physical experience and the quality of your expression in the infinite now moment is defined by how you relate to the cessation of sensation as dictated by the Chakras, or more appropriately, the endocrine glands.

I should note that when pure, coherent white light is fragmented through a prism we can see the colors of a rainbow. Now think of your body as the prism. It is not so important to see the colors that are radiating in your Aura. The purpose of this understanding is to enable you to navigate through the environment more effectively and with more peace by bringing awareness to your feelings.

A blocked Chakra indicates resistance to what is whereas an open Chakra is in full acceptance. So, if all Chakras were open and fully acclimated to what is then there is coherency. Theoretically, if we were one with the environment and we were fully at peace with everything in the totality of our existence, we would all be beings of pure, coherent white light!

- The Bioenergist

Making an Energetic Correction for Anxiety

The reality is a polarity process of opposites. You are constantly presenting yourselfto yourself as through another form be it a person, place, situation or anything for that matter. You created it all! What you put out always returns. It is the law of energy. You cannot change this at least not in this dimension of creation.

You receive only what your original intention merits. This intention is your state of being which is the polar opposite of doing. The gift that is given to you is emotion and sensation. How you react, or don't react, to that feeling determines the quality of the next event that is continually unfolding infinitely. This will also determine the stability of the forms you will continue to create from that moment on, moment by moment.

Your conscious awareness resides at the point of origin where every now moment unfolds. Your disposition at the point of origin effects the quality of your perception.

Are you getting this? Do you feel it? Or are you still trying to fight back "the system?"

When you are suffering ask yourself, "Is there truly a threat currently present in this moment?" You will find that most often there isn't. Upon this realization ask yourself again, "Now how do I feel?" You will find that the anxiety has receded or has completely disappeared. Realize that you made this correction yourself. With that understanding, why not clear it all?

Now... how do you feel?

- The Bioenergist

The Genesis Pattern

6 Days of Creation - 6 Steps to Create the Seed of LifeRendered by: The Bioenergist

The Concept:

“First God made heaven & earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; And God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.” - Genesis

Creation begins with the movement of Spirit in the Void. In the Void there is nothing but limitless space. To create space Spirit needs something to move relative to. Spirit creates space by projecting it’s consciousness in 6 directions (front, back, left, right, up and down) forming the Octahedron; a Plutonic Solid where every point touches the inside of a sphere. By spinning the Octahedron Spirit circumscribes the 1st sphere of consciousness.

”..and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters…”

After Spirit created the 1st sphere the rule is to “move to that which is newly created” so Spirit moves to the edge of the sphere (“…the face of the waters…”). Human beings living on planet earth are literally at the edge of creation; manifesting physical reality at the edge of a sphere. In toroidal dynamics this is referred to as “Surface Tension”. It is a protective mechanism to prevent the exhaustion of energy. It also represents the superficial topography of all things manifest, such as your skin.

After Spirit moves to the edge of the sphere and circumscribes a new sphere, the Vesica Piscis is formed. This is the 1st day of Genesis “…let there be light…”. In 3d the Vesica Piscis looks like a football. This is also the geometric template of the human eye. Your eyes send and receive light photons. Since light does not dissipate, the electromagnetic field of radiation acts as a container for light. By trapping light into fractal patterns, governed by the geometric proportions of natures instruction, the holographic matrix is formed.

Following the rule, “move to that which is newly created”, Spirit moves around the edge of the initial circle, or equator of the sphere, until it reaches the point where the Vesica Piscis terminates to form a new sphere. This process continues for a total of 6 steps, or 6 days of creation, completing the Seed of Life. On the 7th day Spirit rests. This represents the physical manifest.

**This is meant to be a brief overview. There is a lot more to it than this and a majority of it can be corroborated through Egyptian cosmology.

Video - Introducing: The Bioenergist

Introducing: The Bioenergist - Youtube I am the Bioenergist – a Certified Massage Therapist and Bioenergy Consultant.

This video is a brief overview of who I am and what kinda of information I will be presenting. I provide insight into my background, healing practice and theosophy. I encourage you to have an open mind and ask me any questions you may have!

You too can discover your true nature through healing just as I do!

- The Bioenergist