Reactivity Protocol

When we are in a problem set, we cannot see the solution. It seems to be outside of us. To escape the loop of suffering, we must suspend the notion of an external threat - to become aware that the physio-emotional experience resides within our own being. This is not to say that there is never an external threat. But rather, acknowledging that all sensation arises from within - always.

Claiming responsibility for our own reactivity, making it still through our awareness by simply seeing it "as is", releases the constriction in mind.

We can always drop the story and follow the feeling.

Take 1 breath deeply and slowly, directing the airflow into the ribcage. Then claim this statement out loud (preferable) or in your mind, "This is how I feel right now." Then, Note the level of intensity from 1-10, 10 being extremely upset.

This is how you claim responsibility for the feeling you are having by directing your attention to the body which calms the mind.

Continue to breath this way as you proceed to take a moment to scan your present environment. A majority of the time the physio-emotional life-event, that initially instigated your upset, has already passed and the perceived threat resides only in mind. Realizing there is no current threat to your body calms the nervous system.

Then ask the question out loud (preferable) or in your mind, "Now how do I feel?" Take a new #, noticing the intensity of your upset has decreased.

It always decreases if you follow these steps.

The active mechanism in this practice is realizing the downshift, from upset to serenity, regardless of how slight.

To complete the exercise, immediately shift your attention to something else. It can be completely random and arbitrary. It would be most beneficial to choose an activity that includes physical discharge. Maybe you go for a walk, wash the dishes, run an errand, complete a task or simply take a nice bath. Regardless of the action, the active mechanism here is the immediate shift into a different activity.

What was once believed to be an unknown force, residing outside of your grasp, now becomes an internalized cauldron of alchemical fire - extinguishing false notions of the limited self, resulting in a radiant array of clear, right-minded disposition to the object of interest.

- The Bioenergist

Defining Change

How can we define a state of perpetual change? We can't. This is the plight of human kind. We have no purpose and so we seek to define ourselves by completing obstacles. But purpose, in this regard, is futile for once one objective is complete, another is ascertained. True learning, that leads to growth, is the understanding that we establish these obstacles and therefore, have the opportunity to release ourselves from those which are not sustainable through our power of choice. This power is always available to you since you are in a state of perpetual change.

Energetic Coherency

Firstly we must understand that all life is energy - a movement from subtle to gross. Spiritual energy, or pure light, emanates from Source and slows its vibration (pulsation) to the point where it reaches a maximum or terminal velocity. Also known as surface tension, it is at this point where the density of physical matter crystallizes, forming the expression of your physical presence. Your physical expression also defines the boundary between you and the environment. What’s inside your skin belongs to you, what is outside does not belong to you. At least this is how we have defined ourselves in our current state of conscious evolution - we believe that we are separate from the environment.

But most spiritual teachings attempt to show us us that everything and everyone is connected to the same source energy - our purpose is to acclimate with the environment and become one with all there is. We do this by identifying with our feelings and making choices based on those feelings. This is where the function of the Chakras comes into play.

The Chakras aren’t a real, physical thing. They are a symbolical representation of the endocrine glands. These glands are responsible for secreting the hormones that send messages out to other cells with instructions on how to perform. They create certain bodily sensations as a reaction to stimuli received from the environment. Your reaction to those sensations is what defines your behaviour.

Each Chakra represents a point where subtle energy shifts to a denser state as it moves from the top down. The lower Chakras represent a slower wavelength in the spectrum of light that we can see compared to the higher Chakras. The Crown Chakra, located above the head, represents unity with God or cosmic awareness. This is pure white light and sometimes represented as ultraviolet. This is the fastest pulsation - the speed of light! The Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, is the slowest vibration and the color is red . Within the electromagnetic spectrum red has a slower wavelength then pure white or ultraviolet light.

Your Aura, or Biofield, is the total make up of your expression which is a spectrum of radiating light from the Chakras! The totality of your physical experience and the quality of your expression in the infinite now moment is defined by how you relate to the cessation of sensation as dictated by the Chakras, or more appropriately, the endocrine glands.

I should note that when pure, coherent white light is fragmented through a prism we can see the colors of a rainbow. Now think of your body as the prism. It is not so important to see the colors that are radiating in your Aura. The purpose of this understanding is to enable you to navigate through the environment more effectively and with more peace by bringing awareness to your feelings.

A blocked Chakra indicates resistance to what is whereas an open Chakra is in full acceptance. So, if all Chakras were open and fully acclimated to what is then there is coherency. Theoretically, if we were one with the environment and we were fully at peace with everything in the totality of our existence, we would all be beings of pure, coherent white light!

- The Bioenergist

Making an Energetic Correction for Anxiety

The reality is a polarity process of opposites. You are constantly presenting yourselfto yourself as through another form be it a person, place, situation or anything for that matter. You created it all! What you put out always returns. It is the law of energy. You cannot change this at least not in this dimension of creation.

You receive only what your original intention merits. This intention is your state of being which is the polar opposite of doing. The gift that is given to you is emotion and sensation. How you react, or don't react, to that feeling determines the quality of the next event that is continually unfolding infinitely. This will also determine the stability of the forms you will continue to create from that moment on, moment by moment.

Your conscious awareness resides at the point of origin where every now moment unfolds. Your disposition at the point of origin effects the quality of your perception.

Are you getting this? Do you feel it? Or are you still trying to fight back "the system?"

When you are suffering ask yourself, "Is there truly a threat currently present in this moment?" You will find that most often there isn't. Upon this realization ask yourself again, "Now how do I feel?" You will find that the anxiety has receded or has completely disappeared. Realize that you made this correction yourself. With that understanding, why not clear it all?

Now... how do you feel?

- The Bioenergist

Video - Introducing: The Bioenergist

Introducing: The Bioenergist - Youtube I am the Bioenergist – a Certified Massage Therapist and Bioenergy Consultant.

This video is a brief overview of who I am and what kinda of information I will be presenting. I provide insight into my background, healing practice and theosophy. I encourage you to have an open mind and ask me any questions you may have!

You too can discover your true nature through healing just as I do!

- The Bioenergist

Life is Movement!

Life is a movement of energy - a Polarity Process of opposites seeking to attain unitywith source. This movement must be present in order for there to be health. Nature supports this movement by generating self-sustaining patterns that propagate through toroidal dynamics, as well as other factors which are both known and unknown to us. This dynamic model of energy is the underlying current to all of nature.

The human being is a form of nature. Every form in the physical manifest begins as a feeling and every form inspires a new feeling. When we feel at peace we acclimate with the environment which allows for expansion. Negative feelings are signals from the environment that provoke us to change our perception which also determines the quality of the environment.

Perception is creation.

Your perceptions are only an interpretation of what you are feeling. Emotions originate from the heart (thymus gland, heart chakra) and reside outside the temporal concept of time. The heart contains neural tissue and works in tandem with the brain. It is also the first organ to develop in the body. The brain bathes in the physio-emotional field of the heart known as the Biofield or Aura. This electromagnetic envelope surrounds the human body and acts as a membrane between the inner self and the external world which we are all a part of.

The data we collect from the environment comes in the form of sensation. These e-motions are a movement of subtle, spiritual energy that pass through the Central Nervous System (CNS). The CNS governs our reaction to external stimuli by receiving electrical impulses from the brain, resulting in behaviour.

Based on our "Consensual Roladex of Experience" we form mental patterns known as memes. These memes define our inner belief system and ultimately the quality of our external culture. We create from the inside out.

Every thought complex begins as a spark in the brain which reduces its pulsation to the point of completion where physical manifest arises. This is the "event horizon" of human experience which is happening at the rate of quanta. Every pattern unit of expression begins as an energetic signature originating from source (potential energy) with a rate of velocity (kinetic energy) that ultimately must return or else exhaustion takes place.

This too shall pass!

We feel exhausted when we suffer as a result of expending our energy in order to suppress our fear. The judgement we cast on ourselves is a form of constriction out of fear of exposure. It also puts a limit on our capacity to create. This leads to the unconscious manifestation of less than desirable events. As a result of suppressing the natural flow of life, physical dis-ease eventually takes place in the body.

We attempt to hold on to patterns that seem familiar as a means to ground ourselves. This goes against our very nature which is infinite change. We fear change because it is unknown. Death represents the ultimate unknown but it is also a necessary stage in the movement of life. Everything returns to Spirit. Since this movement of energy is always in a continuous state of flux, every moment offers the ability to change our perception.

This is where you find your inner peace!

In the present moment allow yourself to drop the story which is perpetuating the fear. It is of course one of your creations so you can undo it simply by letting it go. Come back to the present moment and realize there isn't a threat. Notice how your feelings have shifted. Realize that you created it all. Once you are free from your own internal suffering you can serve others.

You teach what you are, you are what you teach!

- The Bioenergist

The Polarity Process of Healing

Dr. Randolph Stone

Polarity Therapy is a method of healing that was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone over a sixty-year career as an Osteopath, Chiropractor and Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine. His work blends eastern and western approaches to health and homeopathic wellness. His research is based on the fundamental knowledge of energy flow and its movement throughout the universe. The Patient is considered to be an energetic expression of this movement.

The Treatment of Dis-ease - East Vs. West

The Western scientific model of life in the universe was defined in part by the work of a seventeenth century mathematician named Descartes. He viewed the universe as a perfectly functioning mechanism. Just like a clock, every mechanism in the clock has a place and function. He viewed the mind and soul of each individual to be completely separate entities, each functioning in its own domain. In short, he divided the human form into pieces and saw these pieces as separate from one another. Shortly thereafter, Newtonian Physics came into focus bringing with it the concepts of gravity, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, chemical reactions, and so on.

Modern day healthcare in the West was constructed by adopting the laws of material dynamics, as presented by Newton, with a Cartesian world-view of the universe as it's foundation. So in essence, Westerners tend to separate reality into individual parts. The body is considered to be a closed, ordered and mechanical system that is separate from the whole of the universe. This philosophy enabled scientists to discover the specific mechanism behind the manifestation of a dis-ease. With a universal pathology now in place, doctors were able to locate the root causes of dis-ease in the body which led to the development of specific treatments in the medical industry.

Eastern belief systems view this "separateness" as an illusion caused by a misperception of our experience. Somewhere in the process of deduction we loose touch with the "wholeness" of everything as it unfolds. Instead, the focus is on the natural order of things in the universe. Holistic principles represent a complete system where the dynamics of humanity plays an integral part in its own development and evolution. This dynamic is expressed as the movement of Chi (Qi) through the human form which acts as a vessel.

An Eastern Ideal Reaches A Western Approach To Integrative Health Care

An ancient Chinese philosopher named Lao Tzu referred to the physical world as “The Land of 10,000 Things” in his famous written work entitled "The Tao Te Ching". This discourse on the nature of existence presents suggestions on how to attain harmony in 100 short passages. The intention is to enlighten humanity where the emphasis is to achieve balance between the physical, mental and spiritual domains through practice.

He writes:

"In Tao the only motion is returning. The only useful quality, weakness. For though all creatures under heaven are the products of Being, Being itself is the product of Not-being."

What Lao Tzu is describing in this passage is the same concept behind Dr. Stone’s Polarity Therapy. If the energy that is responsible for all things derives from one source, then this energy must return to the place from where it came. In this case, the origin of source energy is referred to as the Tao. To be present with the Tao is to be at peace. This stillness is at the core of every human being.


Out of the infinite Tao springs forth the primordial truth that splits to form the first polarity relationship known as Yin and Yang. This energetic expression steps down in density as it filters through the construct of the Five Phases, also known as the Five Elements, that are represented as Fire, Water, Earth, Moon and Metal. These phases are part of a control cycle consisting of checks and balances that exist within all of nature. Each element relates to an organ in the human body and each organ represents a virtue. As we relate to our emotions we refine our purpose of attaining a sense of wholeness in both body and mind. Inner resistance to wholeness inhibits energy from returning back to its source which inevitably causes dis-ease.

The 5 Phases (Elements)

This dynamic system supports the core philosophy of Dr. Stone. He expressed that the movement of opposites is evident in all facets of creation and in order to have movement, polarity relationships must be setup and active. These relationships flow outward from an origination through a centrifugal or outgoing force where they meet at the perimeter to form the expression of the whole. Every “Pattern Unit” of life is limited by the nature of the original impulse that emanated from source energy. These expansive energies eventually meet a resistance and slow down. This forms a "surface tension" which acts as a protective mechanism. It is essential that all finer energies are concentrated into developing patterns or exhaustion inevitably takes place.

The Polarity Process

The Long Line Currents

A Polarity Therapist gains insight into how a Patient relates to the information coming in to their subtle energy system by studying his or her habits which may include their speech, posture, mannerisms, mental belief systems, diet and sleeping patterns. In order to harmonize the person's physiological and mental well being, any obstruction in the Patients energy pattern is balanced by working with the polarity relationships that were made evident through the Therapist’s assessment.

Once a Patients imbalance has been established through a visual scan and verbal consultation with the Therapist, a series of bodywork protocols may take place. One of the methods employed involves the use of localized touch with three degrees of pressure. The level of touch relates to the three phases of energy movement which are positive, negative and neutral. The positive, or Yang touch, is a stimulating touch that directs awareness to one area or the other. It may be a subtle vibration back and forth with one finger at a polarity point to induce a moderate emotional response within the Patient. It isn’t as deep as the Yin touch which relates to the negative side of polarity. The Yin touch is employed to release deep trauma and long-sustaining energetic blocks that eventually manifest in the Patient’s physiology. The tissues under the Therapist’s hands may seem to be contracted in blocked areas such as these. The last method of touch is neutral which is firm yet stable. The intention is to bring balance to a polarity relationship that does not challenge the Patients acceptance of the healing process.

It is important to understand that the Patient is mostly responsible for the healing to take place. The objective for the Therapist is to release past trauma by subtly provoking the Patient to “feel through” the experience. In the act of re-visiting harbored emotions suppressed by the subconscious, any physical imbalance related to past trauma can now be released. A simple method used by Cranio-Sacral Therapists called a Cranial Hold may also be used as a way to provide support for a Patient who seems like he or she is about to “un-wind”. This happens when unconscious guarding patterns break down and the area of the body related to the trauma attempts to release itself through movement.

The Polarity Therapist is completely engaged with the Patient and his or her well being throughout the entire process. The Therapist must be able to sustain a non-biased view of the individual. The most important aspect to a Polarity Therapy session is the intention and level of presence that is respected and shared between the Patient and Therapist. The Patient is willing to participate and is relied upon to accept the healing process and the Therapist must have the right intention in place for the therapy to be effective.

The Method Behind The Modality

In this example, we will explore how an imbalance in the Fire Element may affect the Patient and how the Therapist may choose to correct it.

The polarity relationship for a Fire imbalance is noted in the words of Dr. Stone:

"The superior pole is manifested in the light of the eyes (Brow Chakra) and descends over the region of the heart and chest (Heart Chakra) as respiration and the fiery warmth in the blood, to supply every cell of the body. It crosses over the abdomen in the region of the umbilicus, where it becomes the fire of digestion in the splanchnic area in the Solar Plexus (Chakra). It centers especially in the duodenum as an emotional seat (Root Chakra) of the fire principle; also in the gall bladder and duct as the organ of anger, jealousy, envy, hatred and bitterness. Its third function is action and motion which are expressed through the skill of the hands in the neuter pole and as running through the action of the thighs."

The Fire Element is an energetic step down from the Air element. Air fuels Fire. It represents the driving force within us. It is felt as the warmth in our hearts, the heat in our digestion and the rage in our anger. Consideration for the Patients diet may be taken into account. If the Patient uses too much of his or her Fire on maintaining their level of anger, they may tend to eat more spicy foods. This may have adverse effects on their digestive system. A Fire imbalance may express itself in the form of anger or frustration. The Therapist would first decipher if an energetic imbalance is evident in the Patients Fire before treating that particular polarity relationship.

The Therapist may employ several degrees of touch at the Brow (+), Solar Plexus (neutral) and thighs (-). These areas of the body make up the polarity relationship for the Fire element that needs to be balanced. The Patient may be directed to maintain an exercise regiment of specific stretches that are similar to Yoga. Squats are helpful to release emotional buildup at the Sacral and Root Chakras. Acupuncture and reflexology at the feet may also be used to access the related Polarity Zones.

By: Joseph Esposito – The Bioenergist


The Polarity Process: Energy as a Healing Art Franklyn Sills

Dr. Randolph Stone’s Polarity Therapy The Complete Collected Works - Volume One Dr. Randolph Stone (D.C., D.O.)

What is Bioenergy?

Bioenergy is the life force that governs and sustains all things in the universe. It is infinitein its capacity to create. It is a modern term for what is traditionally referred to in the East as qi, which is pronounced "chee" just like in the word cheese. Blood is considered to be the transporter of qi indicating that qi must flow in order for life to occur. The intention behind the practice of acupuncture is to move qi throughout the body to stimulate overall wellness.

In the Hindu tradition bioenergy is known as prana, the life breath. In a system of yoga it is also referred to as kundalini, represented as a serpent coiled up at the base of the spine. This serpent lies dormant until it is aroused through kriya yoga. This is a set of various exercises and breathing techniques intended to clear the subtle energy channels, enabling prana to flow properly.

English: Caduceus symbol. Français : Une des r...

Ida is the left channel. It is negative in polarity and represents yin or feminine energy. It runs from the base of the spine to the left nostril. Pingala is the right channel. It is positive in polarity and represents yang or masculine energy. It runs from the base of the spine to the right nostril. Sushumna is the central canal and is associated with the spine. Both ida and pingala remain subordinate to the sushumna where they crossover in polarity at the chakra points.

The chakras (see fig.2) are seven focal points where subtle energy communicates with the body. Its true definition means "wheel", an aim to describe the way the energy moves in and out of them like a whirling vortex. Each chakra represents a step down in energy. The crown being the most subtle and the root representing dense matter. The colors radiating from the chakras form the aura or Biofield. The Biofield is an electromagnetic field of subtle energy that surrounds the human body.

Cymraeg: Mae'r llun hwn yn darlunio'r saith pr...

The dynamic function of this biofield is based on a self-sustaining model known as a torus (see fig.3). Bioenergy begins as an initial pulsation from the center of the torus, slowing its oscillation to the point of surface tension where it forms the edge of the torus. This protective mechanism prevents the exhaustion of bioenergy which must always return to its point of origin before it can repeat the cycle.

This perpetual movement, from expansion to contraction, is an aesthetic to nature. Our lungs expand as we take in oxygen and collapse as we exhale. The tides of the sea rise then recede. A seedling springs forth as a flower, only to return to the soil from which it came. As humans, our life cycle follows a similar pattern.

The center of the torus represents the unlimited potential that is present all the time. Our allowance increases awareness of this stillness within. This is our purest state of being. The edge of the torus represents the crystalization of our desires through course of action. Here in lies the final expression of our intent.

The physio-emotional response to creation is a reaction of the biofield as it communicates with the environment. This information is relayed to the central nervous system which processes data received as sensory input. The senses define our feelings which determine our actions. Our behaviour as a collective society establishes consensual reality and our judgment of reality defines its aesthetic.

Allowing ourselves to feel sensations that arise without judgement is the process of healing. Acceptance of this process requires us to be present with the passing of time just as things are, fully and completely. In this space we begin to realize our timeless nature, a movement of infinite change. Allowance brings contentment which is felt as peace and expressed as joy, an emotional reverence for the return to stillness - the point of origin.

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