Are You Affective or Effective?

Only when spoken, affect and effect sound like the same word, but they are drastically different.

To affect something, or a situation, requires action - a cause, or purpose, which always renders an effect.

When we say that we are being effective, we judge ourselves by the end result. Fixated on an expected outcome, we distance ourselves from our responsibility to the cause.

If we rate ourselves as ineffective in the end, we can still be affectionate towards the formative process. When we are affectionate, we are available to life as it shows up.

How effective we are depends on how much affection we have for our integrity, and the level of appreciation we have for the wisdom we gain when we present ourselves authentically.

How we react to our ineffective tendencies is determined by the clarity of our perception.

And just like the only difference between these 2 words...

You must be willing to see them.