Are You Affective or Effective?

Only when spoken, affect and effect sound like the same word, but they are drastically different.

To affect something, or a situation, requires action - a cause, or purpose, which always renders an effect.

When we say that we are being effective, we judge ourselves by the end result. Fixated on an expected outcome, we distance ourselves from our responsibility to the cause.

If we rate ourselves as ineffective in the end, we can still be affectionate towards the formative process. When we are affectionate, we are available to life as it shows up.

How effective we are depends on how much affection we have for our integrity, and the level of appreciation we have for the wisdom we gain when we present ourselves authentically.

How we react to our ineffective tendencies is determined by the clarity of our perception.

And just like the only difference between these 2 words...

You must be willing to see them.

Exploring The Energy Behind Symptoms


I painted this when I was young, maybe close to 10-12 years old. It happened sparatically after my grandmother lead me through the sensations I was experiencing. She practiced and used to receive Reiki. As an adult, I would describe it as a Shamanic experience or vision quest.

I had a high fever from the flu. This painting is a rendering of how the energy felt in my body at the time. This painting is special to me, as it marks my first experience being aware of the subtle energies related to sickness that can be felt as "densities" in the energy system.

This has led me to ask more questions about the universe, humanity and sickness as I grew up. I eventually learned that this was a form of remote viewing. The data is contextual and hyperdimensional. We gain access to this subtle flirting with our conciousness when we clear our minds of the constriction held there.

It was a defining moment for me, as my grandmother encouraged me to explore the fear there instead of resigning from it. This has formed the basis for my awareness practice. It also brought me to a new understanding of disease and trauma.

When I look at this painting today, it clearly resembles an aomeba-like form. The colors were intended to be a muddy, redish brown to resemble the congestion and heat I was experiencing.

There was another energetic "form" I was experiencing, that I am well aware of even today if I get sick. It felt like a heavy weight that consumed my whole body. Even at that age, I compared it to a massive mound of clay that was dumped on top of me, weighing me down. Pushing against this clay resulted in resistance - the resistance to my healing.

As my grandmother was leading me through this Shamanic passage into higher awareness, I began exploring that dense pressure instead of fighting it.

This experience may have helps the sickness clear up. That part I do not remember. However, the event struck a realization in me that had to be documented. Even as this watercolor painting was in process, I was feeling those sense energies in my body, even after I was well. The process enlivened me.

What do you see in the painting? Do you ever just stop and feel?

Joey Esposito - Bioenergist

Confronting Resistance

I would like to share a story to provide some insight into how I gain awareness through my psychic intuition, and how the manifestation of symbolic archetypes play a role... So.. Monday night I was up late and just before bed, I had a thought flash into my head. It's always random, maybe peculiar at times and typically I'm not aware of what it means until it is manifest in the physical.

I was remembering a scene from the movie "Signs" (symbolic much?) when Mel Gibson confronts his wife, who is pinned to a tree by a car. The pressure was keeping her alive long enough for them to speak. As a result, he lost his faith in God for taking his wife away.

Remembering this particular scene was a bit odd and morbid but, I began some self inquiry. It was showing up for some awareness to be gained. So I began pondering..

If I knew I was going to die, who would I desire to speak with and why? How would they handle losing me? How would they receive me when I have no choice?

This aspect of being "pinned down".. How would it feel to be restrained? Where am I restrained in my life?

This obviously kept me up for some time. I decided to set my alarm to wake me up to something positive, so I chose the song, "It's A Beautiful Morning" by The Rascals.

Upon waking, I remembered how weird it was to have that thought out of nowhere, but I carried on with my day. I disconnected from obsessing over it (this is important) as I had work to do.

My Moralz EP was supposed to be mastered by now, but my engineer flaked and I was having an emotional upset over it. The overlay to these feelings was:

"I can't get anything done unless I do it myself! Why won't anyone help me? Is anyone hearing me? It seems I can't count on anyone!"

This was the energy, or the measurement I was taking, about myself at the start of the day. Not to be bothered, I had some coffee and procrastinated a bit before deciding to head out to lunch on my skateboard.

I skated 3 blocks up to my corner about to make a right on Venice, when the Archetype appeared..

A girl with no legs, also riding a skateboard! She was pushing her self with her hands.

She was going the same direction as me and the whole time I'm skating behind her, I was gaining an awareness of everything I needed to learn and accept in order to move on from my procrastination.

First thing I noticed was the obvious..

Last night's obsession wasn't so much about the fear of death as much as it was about lack of motility due to uncontrollable circumstances.

I began feeling guilty for having legs when she didn't, and so I kept behind her until I reached Lincoln blvd. I wouldn't skate past her as I felt this would make her upset.

The awareness gained there was..

Only we are responsible for how we move through periods of difficulty and we are not responsible for how others view their own.

Here's this girl who makes it out of her house with no legs and still gets on a skateboard, while I'm sitting around my house feeling bad about someone else's behavior, ultimately getting in the way of my progress when I still have complete mobility in my body.

The legs in the body represent motor action - putting our passion to work. This is why my higher self was resonating with a disconnect from the lower half of the body. This may also be connected to my desire to have a supportive female counterpart in love and sex.

I realized, yet again, that the monkey mind will have you perusing thoughts of self annhiliation before it let's you continue with your work. You'd convince yourself its better to die than reveal your true nature.

Resistance stems from a fear of exposure... How will I be judged once my art is exposed? I thought of the Christ Archetype as a resonator regarding this fact: To radiate your truth regardless of what the circumstances are.

A true artist is present to the processional aspects of life and endulges in the joy of capturing the present moment. This is also the process of self awareness. This I learned from adopting the Buddha nature and practicing Tonglen (present moment awareness).

It IS how it IS because it IS!

I can make excuses why I am keeping myself from my work and blame others, or I can listen to the message brought forth by the Archetype, the girl with no legs..

How I percieve my life is how it will be and I am the only one responsible for that disposition. How others perceive me is of no importance. Their reaction to me is an awareness of themselves, as it is for me.

The best any of us can do, is show up to the circumstances of life and be authentic to it.

And So It Is!

Alas, I went home feeling inspired and mastered 4 tracks in 5 hours. This is something I could have completed a month ago, had I not given into my resistance by letting someone else take me for a ride. And while I have a life to live, its probably best I live it for myself then for the approval of others.

Keep on skating!

Joey Esposito - Bioenergist

Reactivity Protocol

When we are in a problem set, we cannot see the solution. It seems to be outside of us. To escape the loop of suffering, we must suspend the notion of an external threat - to become aware that the physio-emotional experience resides within our own being. This is not to say that there is never an external threat. But rather, acknowledging that all sensation arises from within - always.

Claiming responsibility for our own reactivity, making it still through our awareness by simply seeing it "as is", releases the constriction in mind.

We can always drop the story and follow the feeling.

Take 1 breath deeply and slowly, directing the airflow into the ribcage. Then claim this statement out loud (preferable) or in your mind, "This is how I feel right now." Then, Note the level of intensity from 1-10, 10 being extremely upset.

This is how you claim responsibility for the feeling you are having by directing your attention to the body which calms the mind.

Continue to breath this way as you proceed to take a moment to scan your present environment. A majority of the time the physio-emotional life-event, that initially instigated your upset, has already passed and the perceived threat resides only in mind. Realizing there is no current threat to your body calms the nervous system.

Then ask the question out loud (preferable) or in your mind, "Now how do I feel?" Take a new #, noticing the intensity of your upset has decreased.

It always decreases if you follow these steps.

The active mechanism in this practice is realizing the downshift, from upset to serenity, regardless of how slight.

To complete the exercise, immediately shift your attention to something else. It can be completely random and arbitrary. It would be most beneficial to choose an activity that includes physical discharge. Maybe you go for a walk, wash the dishes, run an errand, complete a task or simply take a nice bath. Regardless of the action, the active mechanism here is the immediate shift into a different activity.

What was once believed to be an unknown force, residing outside of your grasp, now becomes an internalized cauldron of alchemical fire - extinguishing false notions of the limited self, resulting in a radiant array of clear, right-minded disposition to the object of interest.

- The Bioenergist

Mckinney Cop Is Just The Icing

trauma is why humans react to these situations. there's a difference between reactivity and action through conscious awareness. humans develop this "learning" through environmental conditioning and compacted, unresolved trauma. the officers reactivity lacked conscious awareness. under the circumstances, that girl shouldn't be acting against an officer's warnings. given the situation, just as i wouldn't go for the robbers gun who came in to hold up the bank. but the stress of these incidents frequently happening unnecessarily, is what forms the trauma that causes the reactivity. it is a vicious cycle of suffering for humanity that we all feed into.

the officer's nervous system, based on testimony he was having a "bad day" - receiving several suicide attempt calls, was already "charged". in addition, the police dept, just like the military, promotes this overzealous, super-war-hero with access to big toys image. this IS part of the overall conditioning. and access is power,

there are no resources for these officers to discharge congested stress that results in the inefficient reactivity they display in events like this. with rising racial tensions always looming in the background and all the risks they already take everyday, this breeds fertile ground for compulsory action. but then again they signed up for the job right? and there are policies.

one fuels the other and this is the human trauma drama. there is a root cause and there is no one essentially "wrong". its the environment we create that conditions our bodies to react to it, which in turn, results in behaviour on all levels, interpersonal and consensual standards.

apparently, the party was a twerk fest with under-agers. this is a legitimate concern as they neither had permits. heightened intensity from our current state of rising racial tensions formed the ground-floor for the officer to over-react, actin' all rambo when nothing was going down but a party that got too big. reportedly, the neighbors felt there were "too many black people there".

there's a moral, civil rights issue at stake here, but we don't need cops wielding weapons and using force. it's also a human rights issue. it's like saying a father has the right to man-handle his daughter that way just because he doesn't like the bikini she's wearing. best believe the officer subconsciously wanted to put his hands on that girl. i don't think that's a stretch either.

it's saturated in our culture. like an infestation. there are many layers we need to examine and up-root. you can say your not racist, but you are still afforded privilege even though you didn't ask for it. you didn't even have a choice if you're white. this is your plight. we all have to make a choice to change our minds.

power is in access to resources and if you are in an environment where you aren't provided for, you're forming is in opposition to those who do. this division creates a dissonance within what could be community. we established this reality through the construct of poor ideas. we must construct new ones.

the officers are outfitted with wayy too much resources. then they are conditioned to entertain themselves with this macho, movie-star image, as the patterning is imprinted into their bodies through training. through conditioning of the tissues, creating cell memory by repetitive action, one becomes quite familiar with the object of interest he or she is focused on constantly. this breeds compulsion to act on this new learning.

if you learned to be racist, you will feel a compulsion to yell a slur.

if you were conditioned to believe you're not racist, you will be compelled to prove that you're not and seek approval.

"but i have black / gay friends!"

or, you can see that ALL humans are suffering from trauma. we all bare the same burden. drop the story and follow the feeling.

The Dynamics of Bioenergy

Joey the Bioenergist discusses the the dynamics of energy and the formative process of the human being within the cosmos!


The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas = en masse with Christ. Christ = a state where one is anointed with The Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit = Chi = Prana = Energy = Movement. Life is movement. There must be movement in order for there to be health. This movement is a pulsation, like your heartbeat. Pulse = Wave = Circuit = Electricity. Electricity is a charge carried around an arc. Just as Electrons navigate around the nucleus of an atom, humans navigate around the circumference of a sphere.

As Above, So Below.

The Holy Spirit originates in The House of the Lord (firing of neurons) and propagates it's signal through The Pathway To The House (Central Nervous System - the physical manifestation of the subtle energy lines known as Meridians or Nadis).

When "The Way Is Straight", by aligning the spine in meditation, we may "Sit at the right side of the Father" (right thalamus gland, as part of the Diencephalon). This gland communicates with the Pineal gland or 3rd Eye Chakra and is partly responsible for how you interpret and react to sense data coming in from the environment.

The firing of neurons, like big-bangs in your brain, is The Arc(ing) of the Covenant or Noah's (sp)Ark. The Hebrew word for the Ark is Teba = salvation from waters. Water represents the cyclic nature of life - change.

Change is unknown. When we face our fear of the unknown (crucifixion) and allow ourselves to change (atonement), we self-realize our infinite nature (resurrection). Then we can be like Christ.

Christ is a disposition towards the movement of sensation within us. If we are devoid of interpretation (judgement) against it (sin), the sensation will pass (let go, let God - This Too Shall Pass). Yet we are bound by our interpretation of the reality through our senses. This is our "Suffering".

Suffering recedes when we allow The Holy Spirit to move through us. We do not have to act to every feeling. A sensation exists regardless of your interpretation of it. It is a part of your natural state of being. To deny it's natural state is to deny who you truly are in the moment.

Know Thyself this Christmas and be en masse with Christ!

- The Bioenergist